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We'll turn your website into a referral machine!

Whether you are just starting out or your current website needs some upgrades - We can help...

  • Improve Google Ranking

  • Identify new LEADS!

  • Convert browsers to CLIENTS!

  • Give your practice a full, secure, and easy to use Telehealth and Virtual Visit Portal

Dr. E - PT, Entrepreneur, Super Awesome Dude, Website Wizard

Dr. D, PT, CashPT Practice Owner, Website Wizard


Learn 3 Easy Upgrades you can make to your website to get immediate increases in traffic, interest, and leads!

Every minute spent with an underperforming site is robbing someone of your care and expertise!

There are clients out there that NEED you. That would HAPPILY pay for your services.

They just don’t know about you yet. And they need help to find you. WE CAN HELP!

Ask yourself these questions....

  1. Do I know how search engines rank a site?

  2. What are my patients even searching for?

  3. Do I want my website to generate leads that convert to referrals?

  4. Do I have an email list to directly contact interested leads?

  5. Do I know how to promote my services on social media and google maps/search?

Why Choose EDGE Health & Tech Solutions?

We collectively have 38 years of experience in the Healthcare field and 10 years of experience in Online Marketing and Education. We have BOTH the clinical side and tech side DOWN.

We specialize in:

  • Simple & Affordable Website Design

  • G-Suite as EMR and Telehealth Portal

  • Start-up for Cash, Mobile, and Telehealth practices

  • Connecting to Your Ideal Client

  • Online education for Physical Therapists

  • Social Media and Mail List Integration - complete patient/client management!

Work With Us!

Are you tired of:

  • A huge up front cost for website development?

  • Relying on someone else to make even small tweaks to your website?

  • Paying ongoing monthly fees for website "maintenance" even when NOTHING changes?

  • Spending hours in online groups and message forums trying to figure this out on your own?

  • We can take care of it for you, PLUS show you how to manage it on your own. If you need to make changes here and there, we'll do for a one time fee, NOT recurring monthly fees!

For Just $999.99 - You Get....

  • a fully SEO Optimized, Lead Generating, Mobile Responsive website

  • webinars on how to manage your site

  • using G Suite as EMR, Practice Management, and Lead Communications

  • Integration of your site with social media and your email list

  • NO recurring web fees - we teach you how to edit and change your site, plus we use Google Sites - included in your G Suite monthly fee, minimal monthly fees are less than $10/month for your site, email list, and EMR!

  • live/online support

  • save thousands on comparable services!

Contact EDGE Health & Tech Solutions

phone: 716-980-5686

What's it Like to Work with Us?

"Highly Recommended!" Dr. David Wilderman, PT - davewilderman.com

"Erson built my original website back in 2015. A lot has happened since that time, including the need for an updated look. I again contacted Erson to do a re-design, and he didn't disappoint. Not only did I receive an added benefit from a cost-effective standpoint, but Erson was prompt, thorough, and extremely accessible during the entire process. Not only did he take the time to listen to me in order to meet my needs, but went above and beyond in spending additional time instructing a computer-illiterate individual such as myself in how to maintain and troubleshoot my new website. I would enthusiastically recommend Erson for anyone considering building or upgrading their current website."

"You get a 10/10!" Dr. Garry Cowell, PT - mobilept-nyc.com

"I was lost when it came to building out my own website, I didn’t know where to start. Dana and Erson helped build out my website within a month. They helped me understand the benefits of email campaign software, we even had a call on which service would best suit my needs. The customer service was exceptional. If you need a website that will get traffic and look great, I highly recommend them!!"

"I am so glad I reached out to them to build my website...it would still be a page with a logo on it if I had not!" Dr. Chrissy Davis, PT - precisionperformancesportsmedicine.com

"Prior to using EDGE Health and Tech Solutions, I was overwhelmed with figuring out the right content, formatting, colors, etc. While a lot of the “do it yourself websites” make it seem easy, this definitely was not in my wheelhouse and I had spent hours to where I barely got my logo on the site. EDGE’s system was super easy...they asked a number of questions about me, my services, goals for the website. All I had to do was provide answers and images and they turned it into a very clean and professional website, very quickly!

Dana made sure I had all the necessary ingredients for my website to also be more than just a digital marketing tool. Dana was very responsive to any questions, additions, changes I requested and provided me with a lot of feedback on what should go where, etc. Dana also walked me through the website, how to make changes and edits as needed and has been there for any questions, quick updates, and such. I have received many compliments on my website!"

"I would 100% recommend EDGE for anyone looking to build their first website" Dr. Alex Kirbach, PT - kirbachphysicaltherapy.com

"I love how you put it all together and were able to walk me through the whole process. It really helped take stress off myself to have you put together a great website while I just focused on some content for the site and learning how to be successful in running my own out of network clinic.

My business model is concierge and telehealth services. So it was really important for me to be 100% paperless with a low overhead. EDGE delivered and THEN some! I got my website, all my forms for patients to complete done online where I get automatic email notifications on completion and auto-generated templates so I don’t have to move files around, and my EMR system for the low price of a month Gsuite account.

Helpful in guiding me how to make changes to the website, forms, etc."

"A Business Saver!" Kelly Williams, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach - wholefitnesswellness.com

"Wow!! The relief that came from working with Dana to set up my website. I came to her amidst the Corona virus pandemic and quickly needed to turn my fitness and wellness business into one that can be conducted virtually! As a business owner, I am aware of what my strengths and weaknesses are. And technology is one of my weaknesses. So I was exposed and threatened in a different way amidst this pandemic!

Dana worked with me, patiently and efficiently to get a website up and running in a matter of hours. This enabled me to give my customers what they needed in a quick turnaround time and get back to those things that I AM good at doing!

Thank you Dana!"

"So glad I went with EDGE!" Dr. Tiffany Genewick, MD - tgenewickmd.com

"Before working with EDGE Health and Tech Solutions I had no idea what I was doing. I tried the “free website platforms” and they were NOT user friendly. EDGE made it so simple; I just had to fill in the blanks with my info.

It was a pleasure working with Dana and I am tremendously pleased with the outcome of my website. I’ve been in business for 20 years and I’ve never done a website for fear of cost and time consumption and frustration. Dana made it easy."

Websites by EDGE Health and Tech Solutions

EDGE Mobility System - ecommerce website - over 500 hits a day

Modern Manual Therapy blog - one of the biggest PT blogs on the net for years, 8 million hits and counting! Over 2k hits per day!

EDGE Rehab and Sport Science - a lead generating magnet! - gets over 900 organic searches a month, many converting to live and online patients!

Virtual Manual Therapy - Manual Therapy in the Telehealth Age, can it be done? YES! And we can teach you how!

Physio Night Out Buffalo - website for Buffalo's most awesome Continuing Education and Networking Series

Inexpensive EMR - Using G Suite as Inexpensive EMR - save hundreds and use Google's G Suite as an EMR, practice management, and website design - all included in Google's low monthly fee!